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Council on Undergraduate Education

The purpose of the Council on Undergraduate Education, which reports to the Provost, is as follows:

  • coordinate relevant faculty board committees to improve the education at Caltech for undergraduates;
  • provide a forum for analyzing and discussing the undergraduate academic issues that supersede any one faculty committee;
  • provide oversight on issues associated with undergraduate teaching;
  • work with the Academics and Research Committee (ARC) to organize, coordinate and facilitate follow-up to the biennial Student Faculty Conference and on other issues of mutual interest;
  • coordinate and review data related to student success and learning, retention and graduation, educational quality and effectiveness, and student satisfaction;
  • assist with accreditation reviews.

The Council Chair will be the Vice Provost overseeing academic issues. The Council will be comprised of:

  • chairs of the following faculty board committees - Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee, the Core Curriculum Steering Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Academic Policies Committee, and the Freshman Admissions Committee;
  • the Dean, the MOSH and the Vice President of Student Affairs;
  • the Registrar;
  • the student chair of the Academics and Research Committee, plus two additional student representatives;
  • at least one faculty member from each Division;
  • the Chair of the Faculty.